If you are interested in selling,

I would appreciate no selling of counterfeit or stolen goods nor any mis-selling in any shape or form. Be aware of counterfeit notes when people are buying from you. Please notify the management immediately if this comes to your attention.

Reusing of surplus household goods as essential for reducing waste. 

So if you are not using it come and sell it.

Please make sure that things are safe to use and are working as meant to be. You have a duty of care.

We will allocate you an area to sell from. It is very important to all concerned that you leave the area clean the way you found it.  

The Boot Fair is held on the School Playground on Hard Standing Areas only.

Set up from 

12.30pm at Purley

INDOORS -  booking required please call 07904021944

One table (supplied)  £10 

OUT DOORS - No booking required, please have the correct payment to pay on entry. 

Cars £12 - you are encouraged to have up to TWO tables and a bit alongside your Car.
Vans £15/£20/£25 -  you are encouraged to have up to THREE/FOUR/FIVE tables and a bit alongside your Van.
Walk-in £7 - once per person only, you are encouraged to have ONE table or so and a bit. 

Hire of table 2.5 x 6 ft £3